Pipelayer ТG50.100  HST
Pipelayer ТG50.100  HST

Heavy pipelayer. Carrying capacity of 50 tons.

Pipelayer ТG50.100  HST

The hook is 8.6 meters

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Pipelayer of new generation

This model is designed for laying pipes up to 1420 mm in diameter in a trench.

The undercarriage is equipped with 8 supporting rollers, two of which support caterpillars on each side.

The lifting capacity of the boom of the pipe-laying machine at the take-off is 2.5 m.- 68 tons.

vThe length of the arrow is 9 meters.

Pipelayer is equipped with a winch with a hydraulic drive.



Type YMZ-7511.10 / Russia
Power, kW/hp 242/330
Min rated consumption, g/kW (g/hp) 214 (157)
Operating volume 14.86 l
Torque / torque
backup / reserve power
1180 Nm at 1200-1400 rpm
Electric starter St25.3708-01 / 8.1 kW
Generator 24V/80A
Storage battery 2*12V/ 380Ah
Pre-heating with autonomous heating function
14TC-10 Teplostar


Type rigid
Frame load-bearing structure made of HSS steel, high welding accuracy
Track rollers lifetime lubricated, on sliding bearings (journals)
Number of track rollers
8 bottom rollers on each side / 2 carrier rollers on each side
Track chain 48 track shoes
Track shoe width 860 mm / 960 mm / 1010 mm
Track shoe grouser 88 mm
Bearing area 6.45 m2 / 7.2 m2 / 7.52 m2
Track adjuster hydraulic, manual


Type hydrostatic, Bosch-Rexroth (Germany) / or analogous (Germany-Italy)
Transmission hydraulic pump coupled with hydraulic motor with stepless transmission shift
On-board gearboxes planetary (Germany/Italy)
Control electric and hydraulic servo
Brake system hydraulic (pilot-operated check valve), normally closed multiple-disc clutches

Attachable Implement Control System

Type hydraulic, separate for each device
Hydraulic pump Bosch-Rexroth A10V140
Max pressure 30 MPa
Control valve sectional (Belarus)
Filtration double filtration: at suction, full-flow at discharge

Filling Values

Cooling system 80 l
Fuel tank 700 l
Engine lubrication system
32 l
On-board gearbox 8 l
Transmission and attachable implement hydraulic system 250 l

Operator’s Seat. Travel Control

Cab hexagonal, improved visibility, twindow insulation, with springs
Safety forced ventilation, emergency hatch, FOPS, outer battery compartment
Seat ergonomic, with seat belt
Travel and attachable implement control 4-position joysticks

Pipelayer Equipment

Hook is actuated through a sheave system with a winch
Max boom height hoisting height 7.5 m Hook lowering height: 2.5 m
Max extended boom hoisting height 2 m Hook lowering height: 8 m
Min hoisting/ lowering speed 0.01 m/sec – 0.13 m/sec
Boom welded box-shaped structure. It is actuated through a sheave system with a winch
Boom reach min is 1.22 m, max is 9 m
Maximum loading capacity, t 100

Operating Weight

Weight, t 60
Detachable counterweight, t
Boom, t
Provisional weight on the frame, t 6
Vehicle weight without provisional elements (boom, under boom, platform, all the counterweights, blocks with hooks) 38
Specific ground pressure (depending on the track width 860/960/1010 mm) 0.99 / 0.89 / 0.84 mPa

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